She is the only  independent Brazilian singer featuring the duo "Altar" to chart at the Billboard  top 20 of the best songs of 2008 - 2009, with the song "Sound of Your Voice" and " Can You Hear Me", and in 2011, with the song " The Only One", competing head to head against major label artists from all over the world. 

Amannda has a ten year, solid carreer. She started at the already legendary "The Week" club, in São Paulo in the year of 2005 when she was invited by the producers of the label "Nova Pool Party" to be the main artist at the launch event  of this label party, and she took the opportunity to release in great style, her first song called "Don't Miss".

In the year of 2006, while the singer was making the release of her first song, "Don't Miss" in many clubs from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, she was invited by the well known Dj-Producers duo "Altar" (Macau and VMC) to record three songs that later on, would become imperative in the case of the best DJ's all over the world : " Away From Me" , "Listen", (number one at the "Energia 97" chart during several months) and " Sound of Your Voice. After the sucess of "Listen", Amannda gained notoriety in the global electronic scene, performing in big festivals in North America, such as : Divercité/Montreal Festival and  the  Bal n' Blanc/Montreal in Canada, alongside with big names such as Armin Van Buuren, Dead Mau5, Axwell, Offer Nissim, among others. In 2009 she returned back to Canada but this time in Toronto. And after a stunning performance she was invited to Prism 2010 U.S.A. The star of New Years Eve 2008 - 2009 at the Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles, with the Materbeat Label, and around 5.000 people at the party where her song " Listen" was at number one as a best seller between December and February. In 2009, she has been performing as the Winter  Party - Karmabeat and Clubnation star.

In 2009, Amannda released a romantic track together with DJ - producer Alex Dubbing, being her original composition , entitled " Unique", having remixes from Dj Junior Peron, DJ Guto Rodrigues and Dj Mauro Mozart. Around the year 2010 Amannda was invited again by the duo Altar to record "Can You Hear Me " that hit all the Brazilian dancefloor's and also charting at many radio stations including the big Energia 97 (Energia FM), Transamerica ( Rio and São Paulo) and also at the night radio shows at Joven Pan - the biggest radio station of Brazil. In February the same song would be released also in U.S.A, Mexico, and Canada. In 2012 her new single " The Only One " reached the Billboard Top 21  taking the singer to reach even higher goals, becoming an international sensation. She was invited to sing in big festivals such as Matinée Las Vegas, Long Beach Pride, Feel Alive Mexico, Mediterranean Festival, Angels Party in Zurich. Then she took a break to motherhood.

Amannda released her first CD entitled "Greatest Hits" in 2014 , the record that includes the biggest sucess of her carreer and also three brand new tracks, reaching the number one spot at the Brazilian Eletronic iTunes Chart, and the number 15 at the overall iTunes Chart. 

Inited to be the main artist of Paradiso Festival, Amannda recorded the song " Paradiso", featuring the production of Patrick Sandim, being a heavly played song that dominated the Brazilian dancefloor.

Amannda has always been a true activist at the LGBT community and,  was invited to sing at the 2015 São Paulo's LGBT Pride, Toronto, and Bogotá. Starting the celebration of her 10 years of a carreer, Amannda released the track "Boom Boom" produced by DJ Producer Tommy Love, witch it's music video already reached 50 thousand views, and also touring with the Dance Floor Tour over four countries: Brazil, Colômbia, Mexico and U.S.A.

2016 has been Amannda's best year in music. She teamed up with one of the top producers GSP and started being part of the biggests events around the world like Pride San Diego, The Manor ( Fort Laudardale), Festival Rumours ( Cartagena) and  to be on the main stage for Amsterda Pride Funhouse , singing for more then 8000 people that sang along with her in one of the biggest productions she has ever been part of. Her new cd " Invincible" gather big names in the music industry, alongside with her tour that carries the same album's tittle, witch will include songs produced by Tommy Love, Lydia Sanz, GSP, Romullo Azaro, Dan De Leon , Extasia, Phil Romano, Carlos Gallardo, Maykol Venek and Yinon Yahel. And her new single "Tomorrow" reached 100.000 views in less than a month and debut on Billboard Charts on 47 position and going up. Definitely, 2016 has been one huge step to Amannda's carreer putting her on top of the world.


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