Tomorrow (One Last Time)

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She is the only  independent Brazilian singer featuring the duo "Altar" to chart at the Billboard  top 20 of the best songs of 2008 - 2009, with the song "Sound of Your Voice" and " Can You Hear Me", and in 2011, with the song " The Only One", competing head to head against major label artists from all over the world. 

Amannda has a ten year, solid carreer. She started at the already legendary "The Week" club, in São Paulo in the year of 2005 when she was invited by the producers of the label "Nova Pool Party" to be the main artist at the launch event  of this label party, and she took the opportunity to release in great style, her first song called "Don't Miss".

In the year of 2006, while the singer was making the release of her first song, "Don't Miss" in many clubs from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, she was invited by the well known Dj-Producers duo "...


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Amannda lança novo single com produtor espanhol Carlos Gallardo

Após atingir a 22ª posição no chart 'Dance Club Songs' da Billboard, pela quarta vez com 'Tomorrow (One Last Time), a cantora Amannda se tornou a única brasileira a ter 4 singles no ranking. Com todo sucesso e prestigio do ultimo single, a cantora escolheu 'Wherever U Go', produzido pelo espanhol Carlos Gallardo para ser o novo single do seu EP 'Invincible'.


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